Bringing safer solutions
for your hotel guests’ needs

For all hotels, health and safety requirements have increased.

For safer in-room entertainment, we’ve extended the availability of our wipe-clean remote control. With an ergonomic design featuring totally flat buttons, this remote is easy to wipe clean every day.

We’ve also launched a brand new, cloud-based remote control app – PPDS GuestConnect – allowing guests to control their in room TVs with their personal devices. Easy to use and totally secure, your guests can be given the opportunity to use GuestConnect, downloading the app via our easy to use interface at reception as they check in to your hotel, or in their room by scanning their unique link when they switch on their TV. Their link will be severed the moment they check out, and a new link will be created for your next guests.

Meanwhile, for safer interactions in communal areas, our range of PeopleCount solutions enable easy and cost-effective capacity management, as well as hand sanitation and more.

Discover the benefits of GuestConnect

Bringing secure and hassle free remote access to in-room TVs via your guests’ personal devices.

Get hygiene first
with wipe clean remotes

Create a safer stay for your guests with a wipe-clean remote control for their in-room TVs.

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PeopleCount – safer social distancing
solutions for public settings

Within any of your communal areas, whether a restaurant, bar or conferencing centre, as we all work our way out of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, maintaining safe social distance is a priority. Working with our network of partners, our range of capacity management solutions combines the power of our Android displays with smart cameras and cutting-edge apps and software. Bringing you cost-effective safer social distancing and capacity management solutions for true customer confidence.