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Time during lockdown has encouraged many people to reassess what’s important to them and from streaming their content through to better connections with home, guests’ experience expectations are increasing exponentially.

With a huge surge in subscriptions during the first quarter of 2020, content streaming is set to double this year. So, giving access to streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, is now essential.

Easy and wire-free content streaming is already a reality with MediaSuite. Google-certified it offers access to the range of apps and services available from the Google Play Store, while it’s Chromecast-embedded functionality makes sharing content from your guest’s personal devices a breeze.

What’s more, our Android P platform upgrade includes world-first access to Netflix-embedded, as well as Google Voice Assistant, all via our Philips MediaSuite hotel TVs.

Did you know?

Video streaming

Mid lockdown, in March, Netflix added 1.9x more sign-ups than it did pre-lockdown in February 2020.


Nintendo posted a record 24% sales increase year on year due to increased gaming during lockdown.

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